ISO 20000 is the international standard for service management. It provides requirements for effectively delivering managed IT services.

Benefits of ISO 20000 certification include:

  • Increased efficiency and continuity of IT services
  • Improved communication between IT and business units
  • Enhanced ability to meet service level targets
  • Greater customer satisfaction

But implementing the processes required for ISO 20000 certification on your own is challenging.

That’s where an experienced ISO 20000 consultant can help!

The right consultant will:

  • Analyze your current IT service management processes
  • Identify gaps and create a roadmap for compliance
  • Develop ISO 20000 aligned policies, procedures and plans
  • Provide training on ISO 20000 requirements
  • Ensure your system meets certification standards

Partnering with an ISO 20000 consultant provides the expertise you need to get certified on the first try.

Want to learn more about improving your IT service management? Reply “ISO 20000” and I’m happy to provide additional details!

Let’s discuss how ISO 20000 can optimize your IT services.

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