Medallion Signature Guarantees. Medallion Signature Guarantee Uses

A medallion signature guarantee, comparable to a Notary Stamp, is really a guarantee by a signature guarantor that the endorser is an appropriate individual to endorse and move a protection tool to some other celebration. Medallion signature guarantees are trusted throughout the securities investment industry to safeguard shareholder records and steer clear of the unauthorized transfer of securities. An assurance of the transfer requires a person’s signature representative before a securities transfer may take spot. Any purchase or transfer of securities requires an recommendation because of the owner similar to cashing a check and later, every recommendation calls for a signature guarantee by the and/or that is acceptable Guarantor, such as for instance a bank, broker or any other standard bank which has been certified to issue medallion signature guarantees. The medallion that is actual guarantee is a particular imprint (stamp) that utilizes an eco-friendly high safety ink (specimen displayed towards the right).

(Specimen Medallion Signature Guarantee)

A medallion stamp enables you to guarantee endorsement that is proper listed here deals:

  • Shares
  • Warrants along with other Securities
  • Bonds and Savings Bonds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Unit Investment Trusts

Where you’ll get Your Medallion Guarantee

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) laws determine which kinds of banking institutions qualify to present medallion guarantees:


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