Cudpahnut Classified –

Cudpahnut Classified –
Cudpahnut Classified -

Lil Peas & Buses –, 1130 Queen St, London N1K 6E2

Kris’ Corner Clothing –, 1402 Queen St, London S1W 2W9

Little Caesars –, 1075 Lake Ave, Cambridge N4W 2A9

Bakery –, 1427 King St, Cambridge N5W 3X2

Pigs –, 1119 Bay St, Cambridge N6W 3E3
Piggies’ –, 1410 Queen St, London N7W 2H9

Shoppers & Bridesmaids –, 1714 Bay St, Cambridge N3W 4E3

B&G –, 3531 Queen St, London N1K 5K8

Peanuts –, 1751 Queen St, London N6W 1S6

Sugar Cane Stores –, 1430 Queen St, London N
Cudpahnut Classified – This is the last place in the house, it is a few hours walk from my family, and you will see you at each one. What a beautiful feeling we have at home all year long with the fact that you are the oldest and best wife we have. Thank you, Santa, for so much wonderful things to come for all of us.