Fashion in Addis Ababa

Fashion in Addis Ababa
Fashion in Addis Ababa

This year’s campaign for the national assembly, which also features a special election, is under way. Its members include the ANC’s chief (Dwaisei) and its first minister, Ndiza Mowry (Tumkaree).

Mowry and others believe it could form part of the ANC’s government of democratic elections later. The two main candidates are Yareem Yusef and Zela Olam.

They are both from neighboring Mozambique and once their elections are on, the Afrikaner party could gain ground in the region.

“If Yusef is elected, it would have a huge impact on our country,” said Mowry, who in 2015 led a campaign that has been seen as popular. “Because of him they will control the elections in Addis Ababa, so we have to be able to make our decision in Addis Ababa when we meet on the weekend or not. I think the elections will lead to that,” she said.

The ANC’s foreign minister said that a second referendum is expected soon, but he had yet to provide further details on the topic. Fashion in Addis Ababa
The election is scheduled for May in the region and in the Afrikaans-speaking part of Mozambique.

“But there is a good chance that the national assembly will have a choice between Yuse