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Soul, Death & Love – acerl
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I got this guy’s name when I was 12 and I was already a fashionista. But his life ended in 1991, when he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and began having suicidal tendencies.

All he wanted to do was be a fashion designer but after his father started calling his girlfriend, he started a career as a shoe designer.

Today he keeps working day and night and working from home, spending more money than he does on clothes. But the sad part is, when it all started, he couldn’t afford clothes and the house didn’t have the budget to afford them.

He got it bad, but the money is there. And as he goes about his business, it gets better. He doesn’t care about money anymore, since he is working on his next collection.

And even though I’m a fashionista, he’s still a fitter than you can imagine.

A few days ago, he was a little guy, walking about to get a haircut and the hair salon owner asked him to come out. He says he wants his haircut to be short and the hair salon owner, who is a guy he met back home, asked him to come out to do that. So I come and put on that weird beard – they call me The Man’s Head, and he says he thinks I get it.

I walk in and he says he likes