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# Add an error when the app crashes. # # Use the log to track this. app.logger.alert(‘Invalid apps logged’)

# Load my default app .

# Load this in your app and build it with the function.

$ bundle =

$ bundle.initialize({

urls: [‘‘, ‘‘,

stylesheetVersion: “1.0”,

contentType: “medium”,

pageURL: “/api/1stpartners/1/bundle”,

text: “”


$ bundle.start()

$ bundle.load()


$ mks.bootstrap()

$ cpcat /var/cache/lib/mk.js /var/lib/mk.js /var/lib/mk.cache

$ cpcat
Store –

The mobile wallet store is not free but it does provide its services free of charge. There is a free trial that is available for both Android and iPad.

To start shopping from the mobile wallet store, you need to pay by using debit card.

Note: Your mobile wallet account is currently a free service and in the future it will be a limited service as well. You must renew your Android or iPad license on the mobile wallet account at least 10 times per week to continue using the service.

If you use mobile wallet as a cash deposit, you must bring an account with your debit card. You already have an account. Otherwise you cannot transfer your account. If you transfer an account to a different wallet it will continue to work.

Using mobile wallet.

To use mobile wallet you need a valid debit card.

The mobile wallet store cannot send or receive your money via international phone numbers except by credit card.

All payment methods and transactions will be accepted.

There are no monthly fee for mobile wallets.

If you don’t want to transfer your debit card, you can transfer it to another device using your bank or other means.

To transfer your account.

1) Follow the steps below:

Go to the mobile wallet, tap ‘Manage your Account’