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We Focus on building Strong, Intuitive and Dynamic businesses.

At CK Associates, as ISO Certification Consultants with over 17 years of experience and a portfolio of 360+ satisfied clients, our unwavering focus is on crafting robust, intuitive, and dynamic businesses. We understand the critical role that ISO certification plays in achieving this goal. By combining our extensive expertise with a commitment to excellence, we empower organizations to build a solid foundation, foster intuitive processes, and adapt dynamically to the ever-evolving business landscape. Partner with us to embark on a journey of sustainable growth and success.


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Serving over 360 + Clients

At CK Associates, as ISO Certification Consultants with over 17 years of experience and a track record of serving 360+ clients, our unwavering commitment is to craft businesses that stand the test of time. We specialize in building enterprises that are not just strong, but also intuitive and dynamic, capable of navigating the complexities of today’s business landscape. With our expertise, we guide organizations towards ISO certification, reinforcing their commitment to excellence, compliance, and growth. Partner with us to fortify your business and unlock its full potential.

Gap Analysis

Consultants assess the organization’s current processes and systems against ISO standards to identify gaps and areas that need improvement. They provide a detailed report outlining the steps required to meet ISO certification requirements.

Documentation Assistance

Consultants assist in creating and organizing the necessary documentation, including quality manuals, procedures, work instructions, and records, to ensure compliance with ISO standards.

Training and Awareness

Consultants offer training programs to educate employees and management on ISO standards and the requirements for certification. This includes training on internal audits and process improvement.

External Audit Preparation

Consultants help organizations prepare for the external certification audit conducted by accredited certification bodies. They assist in selecting a certification body, scheduling the audit, and ensuring all documentation and processes are in order.

Internal Audits

ISO consultants conduct internal audits to evaluate the organization’s adherence to ISO standards. These audits help identify non-conformities and areas for improvement, allowing the organization to address issues before the external certification audit.

Continuous Improvement

ISO consultants provide guidance on implementing a continuous improvement process to maintain ISO certification. They help organizations monitor and measure key performance indicators, analyze data, and make necessary improvements to remain in compliance with ISO standards.

What Our Clients Say

Here’s what our clients have to say about their experience with us

Working with this team was a game-changer for our business. Their expertise and dedication were evident throughout the entire process, and we achieved ISO certification smoothly.
Amarnath V
Agile Security Force Pvt Ltd.
I can’t thank them enough for their outstanding support. Their guidance and professionalism made a significant impact on our organization’s quality standards, leading to increased customer trust
R Srinivas
Accellor Software Pvt. Ltd.
These consultants truly exceeded our expectations. Their commitment to excellence and thorough understanding of ISO standards helped us achieve certification faster than we ever imagined.
P S Murthy
Good Health Insurance TPA Limited

Want to get your team Internal Audit

Internal audits are periodic reviews conducted by a company to ensure the quality management system complies with ISO standards. Internal auditors verify procedures are being followed and look for opportunities for improvement.

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